My Priorities for the Gold Coast - the Economy, Community Safety, Light Rail
As Gold Coasters we are fortunate to live in one of the most magnificent regions in Australia. It is an equally great place to raise a family or to retire, and importantly, is a powerhouse for small and medium business.
Going forward, I have three priorities for the Gold Coast.
The first is to strengthen the national economy, because a strong national economy leads to a strong local economy.
Since coming to government over 300,000 jobs have been created around Australia and we have signed historic free trade agreements with our three major trading partners, namely South Korea, Japan and China.
Our local employment figures have been the envy of the nation and signing three free trade agreements with the economic powers of our region will ensure the Gold Coast continues to grow and our community continues to prosper.
My second priority is community safety. I will continue to advocate for programs and policies that help ensure all in our community are safe from violence.
I have long supported the federal government’s decision to provide $100m to support actions that will reduce violence against women and children and fully endorse the creation of the National Ice Taskforce to help tackle the growing scourge of this insidious drug.
Likewise, stopping the boats, securing our borders and providing additional funding to tackle terrorism means that we can better disrupt those who would seek to harm our community.
My third priority is to deliver light rail.
I have long been a supporter of extending light rail to Helensvale. As far back as 2008 I spoke in Parliament about the enormous amount of sense it makes to extend this east-west connection and create a rail hub in such a rapidly-growing suburb.
I have already spoken to Prime Minister Turnbull about the second stage of the light rail project. He’s a great friend of the Gold Coast and he understands the need for integration with the heavy rail system in time for the Commonwealth Games.
Although public transport is not a responsibility of the Federal Government, this proposal is a priority for our city and I believe we now have an opportunity to reconsider contributing funding to ensure it is delivered for our community.
I’m proud to live on the Gold Coast and will continue to vigorously represent our local interests in Canberra.



Stronger Communities Programme
My electorate will have $150,000 available for small capital projects of $5,000 - $20,000 value that will deliver social benefits for our community. Projects must have matched funding in cash or in-kind on a dollar-for-dollar basis.
If you think you may know an eligible project in our community please call my office on 07 5500 5919.
Further information can be found at:

Anniversary Request Form
Do you have an anniversary coming up? Click here for a request form.

Fadden Volunteer Awards
Volunteers are the backbone of our local community. These unsung heros work tireless to benefit others and improve the local area.
The Fadden Volunteers are held annually to celebrate and acknowledge the tireless work of local volunteers.
The 2014 Fadden Volunteer awards were held in November. Click here for more information on the awards and view this year's receipients.

New Life Food Barn
The Hon Stuart Robert MP, Federal Member for Fadden was delighted to donate and a refrigerated vehicle to Paster Phil of New Life Food Barn at Arundel.
The refrigerated van will assist the not for profit organisation as New Life.

Opening of the New Helensvale Caltex Star Mart
The Hon Stuart Robert MP, Federal Member for Fadden was delighted to officially open the latest Caltex Star Mart at Helensvale. The upgrade of the existing site took over five years of planning.
Stuart was joined by Caltex Regional Manager Ben Galton and Network Development Manager Peter Lunney. The new centre is a compete redesign and rebuild. Caltex designed the new store with the aim to offer convenience to locals as well as employing a number of local residents.

Stuart's First Speech
A member of Parliament's first speech give an insight to the member's beliefs and what they stand for as a member of society and a member of parliament. on 13 February 2008 Stuart delivered his first speech and outlined what he represents as a person and how he came serve the local community.
It is with great humility that I rise today to deliver my first  speech to the 42nd Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia. I am humbled by the trust that the people of Fadden have placed in me as their representative and I can assure them that I will not let them down. I enter this place with youth, vigor, determination and experience to ensure that the people of Fadden have someone that has the courage and capacity to fight for them.
I am especially pleased to have been elected on the 200th anniversary of when a great hero of mine, William Wilberforce, secured passage of the Slave Trade Act that abolished the abhorrent trade throughout the Commonwealth. His firm Christian commitment, his passion for justice and his unstinting resolve to fight for what was right are a great personal inspiration. I look forward to bringing the same courage of my convictions to the inevitable parliamentary battles that are ahead.
The electorate of Fadden was named for Sir Arthur Fadden, a distinguished parliamentarian who served briefly from August to October 1941 as the Prime Minister of this great nation. He led Australia during a critical period of our Click here to continue reading


 Do You Know A Local Sporting Champion?


Several times each year I have the privilege of awarding some of the Gold Coast's rising sports stars a grant to assist them in achieving sporting success.

Find out how your local competitors, umpires or referees can apply for a grant of $500.  For more information on eligibility and the application process click here.

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